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Mon, 7 Dec 1998 23:39:19 -0000

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>>> People
>>>too poor to get onto the circuit in the first place have too much time on
>>>their hands, and consequently have too many kids, which amplifies the
>>>problem in the last place.
>>So educate them. Get them onto the circuit and then let them get on with
>They don't want education. They want guns, drugs, sex, and your head on a

You're obviously talking to different poor people to me.

>>> The free market provides a better solution by discouraging the very
>>poorest from having children.
>>Or at least making sure that those children never get an education,
>>a convenient underclass to do all the dirty work.
>The free market does that? Really?
>I don't think so.

I agree that people should pay for their mistakes, but nearly everyone believes that children aren;t responsible. Forcing them to miss school because their parents don't have the money to send them there is the worst kind of stupidity and maliciousness.