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> >>>Remember, the free market ALWAYS provides better solutions to
> >>>than the government.
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> >>Except for those people too poor to get onto the circuit inthe first
> place.
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> >>Samael
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> >Government worsens the problem of people too poor to get onto the
> in
> >the first place by encouraging them to reproduce at taxpayer expense.
> The government's doing that?????? Really?????

Of course they do - the more children a family on welfare has, the larger of a welfare check the family gets. Plenty of young unwed mothers attempt to have many children just to get a larger check. The children usually suffer.

> > People
> >too poor to get onto the circuit in the first place have too much
time on
> >their hands, and consequently have too many kids, which amplifies the
> >problem in the last place.
> So educate them. Get them onto the circuit and then let them get on
> it.

When the government attempts to educate it must use tax money stolen from wage earners.

> > The free market provides a better solution by discouraging the very
> poorest from having children.
> Or at least making sure that those children never get an education,
> a convenient underclass to do all the dirty work.

The government creates the underclass as a convenient voting block. Socialist governments (including the US) offer a clear incentive for people to be poor. By providing a guaranteed subsistence to anyone - regardless of whether they're willing to work or not, the government is basically paying people not to work.

> >If the free market did *not* always provide better solutions, it
would not
> >be necessary for governments to maintain military forces to threaten
> >violence against any who disagree with government's "solutions"
> >haven't solved anything in the whole sad history of the race, but
> have
> >produced monumental problems such as weapons of mass destruction).
> Gosh, now there's a slightly one-sided view of things. The free
> generally provides the best solution, but government is dead handy
for avoid
> ing things like monopolies, unfair trade, police, armies, contract
> basic research (although, thankfully the free makret is moving into
> area), welfare and (in my case) socialised medicine (which means
that if I
> break a leg I'm not penalised for doing it while broke).

Government provides nothing useful. "Monopolies" that are created without coercion (favorite tool of government) are not bad things. I'm not sure what unfair trade is - must be something the government does. Socialised Medicine?????? That's a good thing? That's insane. Remember - all forms of socialism are grounded in violence - the coercion required to steal money from wage earners.

I suppose you either support the use of violence for solving social/political problems (not very Extropian) or you don't. There is no way for government to function without coercion (violence) - therefore, I don't see much need for government at all.

I suggest you acquire a copy of "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt. I think you may find it an eye-opening experience.

> But this isn't a political forum, so I'll leave it there.
Stopping entropy (what we're all about) requires us all to rethink our political views as well as philosophical and technological.


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