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>> >Remember, the free market ALWAYS provides better solutions to
>> >than the government.
>> Except for those people too poor to get onto the circuit inthe first

>But remember, our "government" doesn't even help those people. The
>true homeless - those that live on the street - usually don't qualify
>for any federal help. The bureaucracies require a physical address.

Maybe in your country. Over here, No Fixed Abode can be used to start with until you get housing sorted out.

>So, I don't see how the free market could do worse. Also, remember
>that it is in the best interest of most businesses to make sure that
>people have money to spend.

Which is why, of course, so many businesses give free money to the homeless. Oh, sorry, they don't.
(gross generalisation, of course, some businessess do
charitable work. But they are in the vast minority)

> The government apparently doesn't care since they steal our money.

Sorry, I don't subscribe to the libertarian dogma that money belongs to people (or that property really exists, come to that).