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How did education exist in this country before the early 1900's? It was pretty much all private education.

A private education system would work pretty much the same way anything else "works" in a free market economy. Freed of the obnoxious tax burden (theft) currently required for government "schools," parents would be able to choose which school to send their children to. Private for-profit schools would be forced to compete with one another to provide the best possible education. Those schools with the best sucesses (% of graduates enrolled in college, scholarships given, etc...) would advertise those benifits.

Schools would exist to service "poor" families (even "poor" people in this country have money to spend) and the poorest families would have to depend on charity. Surely the education they would receive couldn't be worse than what they have now (violent schools, social promotion, etc.) - if you even want to call it education.

The main reason this would work is because we would have true competition amongst the various schools. Teachers and administrators could be held accountable for students progress and achievements. Since parents would no longer have tax money stolen from them, private schools would be affordable (the average spending per student is usually much higher in public schools than private schools because of the obnoxious administration).

Remember, the free market ALWAYS provides better solutions to problems than the government.

---The Baileys <> wrote:
> Terry Donaghue wrote:
> >As long as we in the US continue to demand government provided
> >schools, our education system will remain poor. The function of our
> >public school system is simply to create submisive, conforming
> >students who won't question the government's authority.
> >
> >Until our government quits stealing our money and allows the free
> >market to provide the best possible education, we will remain an
> >ignorant country dominated by Psychic phone lines, professional
> >wrestling and scientology. :)
> Please outline how a private schooling system would work.
> Doug Bailey


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