Re: The Education Function

The Baileys (
Sun, 06 Dec 1998 14:39:25 -0500

Michael Lorrey wrote:

>Here's a question: If our education system is so poor, why do we have the
>highest rate of technological advancement,

The United States commands the largest portion of the global capital markets. This, not the quality of the U.S. education function, is the primary factor relating to the technological prowess of the United States. A more cogent analysis would look at some technology index as it relates to population or even capital utilization efficiency.

> the largest ubiquity of technology
>among all classes, etc..

Once again, the largest share of global capital is the primary factor here, not superior education.

>Perhaps the test needs to be examined. Considering how
>poorly most people think IQ and SAT tests are at measuring success and
>acheivement, I wonder why these same people put so much credence in a test
>nobody knows anything about, that I have never seen or taken, etc? Show me

If you visit a few public schools (perhaps you have, I don't know) you might understand more what the situation of public schooling is.

Doug Bailey