Re: The Education Function

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 13:50:43 -0500

Here's a question: If our education system is so poor, why do we have the highest rate of technological advancement, the largest ubiquity of technology among all classes, etc.. Perhaps the test needs to be examined. Considering how poorly most people think IQ and SAT tests are at measuring success and acheivement, I wonder why these same people put so much credence in a test which nobody knows anything about, that I have never seen or taken, etc? Show me the money.

Mike Lorrey

The Baileys wrote:

> If you live in the United States you know how inadequate the public
> education system is. The following report illustrates how American schools
> are incompetent in the areas of science and mathematics education:
> The articles refers to the education functions of Sweden, the Netherlands
> and other countries. I realize this list is frequented by individuals from
> various foreign countries. I am interested in what your own view of your
> country's education function is and how it is structured (primarily public
> or private, year-round or summer vacation, class lengths, curricula content,
> science and mathematics approach, extracurricular activities, amount of
> field trips, etc.)
> A well-educated populace is generally a more rational populace. So that's
> my tie-in to the list's subject matter. :)
> Doug Bailey