Re: Crime and Punishment

den Otter (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 00:33:47 +0100

> From: Brian D Williams <>

> We seem to be of agreement that the U.S. prison system is in need
> of reform, I though we could share some idea's of how.
> First the nature of the criminal.
> Murderers in my book as you know receive rehabilitation in the form
> of seconal, pavunol, KCL.

To solve the "dilemma" of capital punishment, you could also sentence murderers to life imprisonment by default (*real* life, no parole), but equip their cell with an iron bar at just the right height, a stool and an end of rope. Let them decide for themselves.

> Drug offenders do not even belong in jail, as far as I'm concerned.

Damn right...

> Idea's?

[conveniently copied and pasted from another post]

One inmate per cell, no physical contact between inmates in general, only strictly monitored contact between guards and inmates, high level of automation and of course *cameras all over the place*. If there is one appropriate place for a "surveillance society" then it would have to be prison, right? This is not intended as "extra" punishment, but rather as a way to protect them from the guards (and eachother). There are far too many "accidents" in prison. Lawyers, family members of inmates and civil right organizations could quite effectively keep an eye on things by means of direct video links and archives.

Furthermore, there should be plenty of wholesome (not necessarily tasty) food and possibilities to exercise, and special diets/medication etc. should be available to those who want/need it. The idea behind all of this is that the punishment shouldn't be worse than required by law, and that all arbitrary elements must be reduced as much as possible. Should reversible suspended animation become available, it could be a great alternative to both capital punishment and imprisonment.