Re: nootropix

Alesh Kubiik (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 14:15:15 +0100

thanx 4 your reply

>All sorts of things have a good mental effect, but I've not found
>anything to significant;ly change my abilities... Kava Kava after a bit
>of a smoke puts me in a great creative mindset - some links are >made
>more easily or something because there's a definite increase in
>associations and new ideas, but without a total lack of discrimination.

I do not know whether you coined the word 'kava' intentionally knowing that it is a slovak equivalent of english coffee or else..I wonder :-)), but U R right...but the problem is with not-very-desirable-effects of coffee and cigarets (I guess the smoke source right?)

>I'm keen to try serious nootropics - memory or cognitive enhancement
>rather than mood stuff like St John's wort (which I find great, but it
>could easily be a placebo thing (but as long as they work, placebos >are
>fine by me). Chemicals rather than herbs...

I can't disagree as for placebo effect and chemicals

>I didn't like Guarana much, although it has an undeniable effect.

So why didn't U like it?...according to me and some other people who tried it it is again in great part placebo..I prefer taurin+sugar+coffein+vitamins to guarana

>I suppose mail order's th way to go for stuff, but I really don't have
>much of an idea as to what to try, as you say the effect/cost ratio is
>pretty poor for most of them (prob.)

U R again right, ordering by means of mail is the way to go...but: I posted the original message to get more feedback on using nootropics then I have from Net (they are overenthusiastic) and from my friend who is a doctor and tried something :-)..I personally have NO experience with chemicals...and I cannot afford myself bye not-very-cheap drugs only to experiment ...that's why I want to be more informed and later go through the doctor's prescription tunnel :-))....I have more indications that as for cognitive abbilities farmac. vendors get money for giving mostly placebos...I have also feeling that memory boosters (e.g. vasopressin) could possibly do the job (see Diego's posting)...but it is not recommanded that you get used to take it, just because the effects will fade out after some time...I still wait on other responses and am a bit surprised that more people haven't replied..

>let me know if you've found anything that works 4 U...

I surely will