Re: [MEDIA] Chicago Suntime's death penalty poll

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 11:21:45 -0500

Paul Hughes wrote:

> Brian D Williams wrote:
> > The Suntime's ran a poll in conjunction with yesterdays article
> > against the death penalty. To the question:
> >
> > "In the event of your murder, would you want the killer executed?"
> >
> > YES: 87% NO: 13%
> Proof that 87% of the population are still operating primarily on
> reptilian emotional-territorial circuitry. Am I supposed to be
> surprised?

How about that 87% beleive in doing the job right the first time....or that they are operating on the hominid circuitry (since usually only hominids kill members of the same species with no intention of using the carcass for food...). How about that only 13% of the population is still operating on their vegetable circuits....

Mike Lorrey