Re: The last tv show that changed my life ...

Anders Sandberg (
02 Dec 1998 12:58:33 +0100

christophe delriviere <> writes:

> but seriously, perhaps we could discuss the most transhumanistic
> cartoons we know of ??

Aeon Flux is high on my list. Not that its theme is itself transhumanistic, but because it plays with many of our ideas in interesting and surreal ways. Aeon is a nicely individualistic rebel (I'm wondering if her country Monica isn't really the future Republic of Santa Monica, home to the descendants of the Californian libertarians and extropians :-), and Trevor Goodchild a fine example of just how troubling a ruthlessly benevolent transhumanist dictator could be.

My absolute favorite episode is the one dealing with the artificial consciences: is Trevor doing something very immoral to people, or is he helping them? Is he any better than the "bondage rebels"? And what about *his* conscience? And Aeons? Lots of unresolved questions worth thinking of, as well as some brilliant surreal scenes on the train and in the keep.

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