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Tue, 01 Dec 1998 21:52:03 -0700


The Mining Company <> needs a Libertarian Guide for their Libertarian Pages, which have been taken offline for want of a Guide. The Libertarian Pages used to be at <>.

To get an idea of the structure and format of the Libertarian Pages, you can compare them to the Civil Liberties Pages <>, managed by J.D. Tuccille -- whose home page is at <> -- and who has offered to assist the new Libertarian Guide to get going.

Guides get paid -- see <>.

If, after reading the info at <>, you're interested in this task, taking 10-20 hours per month, please contact "J.D. Tuccille" <>.

Frederick Mann

At 04:34 PM 12/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>What you offered to do is exactly what is needed. The only thing that can
>revive the libertarianism site is a new, dedicated guide who wants to see
>the site thrive. See if you can scare up somebody who wants to do the job,
>and I'll offer to help 'em through the hoops.
>J.D. Tuccille
>At 02:26 PM 12/1/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Dear Mr. Tuccille,
>>It seems that the libertarian pages that used to
>>be at <> are
>>"no longer available."
>>Do you know if this is temporary or permanent?
>>What can be done to get these pages back online
>>I would gladly offer my services to help find
>>a Guide for these pages. I would promote the
>>fact that a Guide is needed to several dozen
>>libertarian e-mail lists, reaching thousands.
>>Frederick Mann
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