Re: The last tv show that changed my life...

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 13:17:23 -0500

Brian D Williams wrote:

> From: "maxm" <>
> >Funny enough I cannot remember a single tv-show that has had any
> >kind of lasting impact on me. Can any of you?

"The Prisoner" formed my early ideas on individuality. "I AM NOT A NUMBER, I AM A FREE MAN!", "I will not be pushed, stamped, numbered, filed, briefed, or debriefed." are some of my favorite quotes. This show early on illustrated to my youthful mind the threat that a world state poses to the individual.

"The Lawrence Welk Show". You didn't say it had to be a positive impact. Today I have a hair trigger reflex against accordions and bubble well as pastel nylon leisure suits....

I learned about patience by being forced to watch PGA golf at my grandparents house, while The Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom was the first nature show I watched. Of course, being sat in fornt of the tv as a baby to watch Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Mr Rogers Neigborhood was probably instrumental in my early scholastic aptitude. The first words I ever spoke apparently were the entire Alphabet Song that Big Bird sang.

Mike Lorrey