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Tue, 1 Dec 1998 09:47:09 -0800 (PST)

A great place to look for info on Online Brokerages is the Motley Fool website. Take a look around at <>

Great place. LOTS of useful info.

---Brian D Williams <> wrote:
> From: Steve VanSickle <>
> >Does anyone have strong preferences or opinions about online
> >stockbrokers? I've gotten far enough ahead to open a brokerage
> >account again, but have never dealt with the online variety. I'm
> >more the buy and hold type, so absolute rock bottom commission
> >structure is not necessary, if it is outweighed by other
> >considerations.
> Congratulations on getting far enough ahead... ;) I've had a recent
> windfall myself and am currently engaged in the same search.
> Citibank which has my other accounts looks like a good choice. But
> I've also been fascinated and delighted by the add for DISCOVER
> brokerage, and they are BARRON's top pick for the last three
> years...
> Saul Kent and 21CM will be looking for investors soon, so you may
> wish to keep that in mind.
> ( I really do love that DISCOVER commercial!! )
> Brian
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