Re: Child abuse (Was Re: Is the death penalty Extropian?)
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> > Well, it is true that many of society's problems are caused by parents
> > abusing their kids. In fact, afaik, child abuse is a much bigger
> > than all other crimes combined.
> Er, I'd take exception to that assertion. Do you have any figures to back
> it up?
"In 1996 more than 3 million child abuse reports were made [3.1 million]. The actual incidence of abuse and neglect is estimated to be 3 times greater the number reported to authorities." See also:

I visited both sites and I'm not impressed. is an explicitly Moral Majority-type Christian site; the other backs up its claims only with material produced by bureaucratic "children's welfare" organizations (gov't affiliations unspecified). Both sites have obvious axes to grind. I want to see some independent, impartial, non-government, non-religious studies on the issue. I also want to see the exact definition of "child abuse" being used; these sites lump together all sorts of things as "abuse", without distinction.

Consider the source, mates.