Re: Rehabilitating Violent Criminals

Zenarchy (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:29:20 -0800

From: Paul Hughes <>
>The fact that today, prisons are:
>1) Overpopulated with non-violent drug users.
>2) Admittedly designed by prison architects to disorient criminals.
>3) And run as a means to punish, rather than rehabilitate.
>I'd say the prisons have absolutely no desire to rehabilitate anyone;
>and in fact are the chief *cause* of crime, not a deterrent. If we
>spent half the money on education, we do now on prisons, this supposed
>"high crime" rate we see today would be seen as the joke that it really
>Speaking of brainwashing TV propaganda, the latest TV statistics show
>that the number of stories covering violent crimes has increased five
>fold since 1990, while the actual violent crime rate, according to the
>FBI, has dropped. Doesn't that make you wonder? I'd say the prison
>construction lobby has a vested interest in seeing more people being
>locked up behind bars, and longer sentences being applied to more

I just want to thank you, Paul, for posting this. No such thing as "evil" actually exists, but if it did, it would work in the prison industry. --JRM