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Re: The last tv show that changed my life ...

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Mon, 30 Nov 1998 20:35:59 -0800

maxm wrote:

> Maybe tv isn't a good media for spreading futuristic positive memes at all,
> or is that simply because I havn't seen the right shows?

I have television to thank for much of my critical thinking skills. I didn't have the option of reading as a child, so I depended on television for most of my personal learning... knowing what to look for is key to learning from TV.

Cosmos, Nova (six great ideas) Start Track, Picked fences. (First two seasons.) Being able to filter out the junk is an art. I know a lot of people that watch TV to turn off. Some people have used it to turn on. I think as it has gotten worse it has also gotten better. New ideas abound on TV, if your willing to excepted how it is packaged.

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