Re: Transhuman dinner technology

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 17:08:07 -0500

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> "my inner geek" <> writes:
> > When thinking about the resonance decay of Waterford Crystal toasts,
> > I can help but ask how long the noise would last if the toast was
> > made using goblets made of diamond?
> Interesting. Since the speed of sound is higher in diamond, the tone
> would likely be higher pitched too. Nanobuilt goblets might even
> include microstructures to modulate the tone in some nice way (music
> playing goblets is somewhat tacky, though).
> Can we come up with more "transhuman dinner technology"? Smart napkins
> are of course a must. I have been thinking of diamondoid knives, with
> sharpness determined by pressing one part of the surface. But what
> about the weight ergonomics? Do we need to weigh them down to make
> them comfortable?
> On the other hand, chopsticks have the nice property of being used
> just by one hand, making it possible to both eat and gesticulate.
> Nanotech dishwashing agents might be interesting, although they could
> be dangerous if trying to lyse the wrong things. "Never add the start
> signal while in contact with the dishwater!"

Gee, if Palmolive allows you to soften hands while doing your dishes, why can't nanotech? I'm sure that there could be a safety circuit which can test for living flesh vs. dead skin cells. This safety circuit should probably be mandatory anyways.

Mike Lorrey