The last tv show that changed my life ...

maxm (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 22:18:09 +0100

Following the recent discussions on the list I have been wondering about media and the influence it has on us.

Therefore I thought about what media influences that I could remember has had an influence on my life.
- The first thing I remember is Gerald O'Neils "Spacestations" (Directly
translated from danish but you should know which one I mean).
- The second was an article in Analog with an introductionary article about
Nanotech. Naturally I was pretty amused that Drexler also had appeared In "spacestations" as O'neils helper.
- A third thing was Wired magazine, with a lot of positive and futuristic

Funny enough I cannot remember a single tv-show that has had any kind of lasting impact on me. Can any of you?

Maybe tv isn't a good media for spreading futuristic positive memes at all, or is that simply because I havn't seen the right shows?

I do believe that it is a partly the tv-medias fault, as it isn't particularly fit to deep and thorough concepts.

Probably we should concentrate about spreading our memes in other media like magazines, books and off course the Internet.


Max M Rasmussen
New Media Director Denmark