Re: IQ and Genius

Joao Pedro Magalhaes (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 18:37:59 +0000


At 02:04 30-11-1998 -0500, you wrote:
>So what did this prodigious intellect accomplish in his 46 years? Not
>much, if he's remembered at all it's for writing the definitive book on
>streetcar transfers, perhaps the most boring tome on the planet. I'm
>not sure what the moral is, maybe it's not to push gifted children too
>hard as Sidis's parents did, or maybe it's that high IQ and genius are
>not quite synonymous.

Probably, when he was 18 months old he should be playing with toys instead of reading the New York Times. And when he was 8 years old he should be playing soccer instead of solving anatomy tests. That kind of education can screw one's mind.

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Can you explain me what is this? Is this normal? What is its purpose?



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