Re: EMERGENCY: Please help

den Otter (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 12:12:05 +0100

> From: Randy <>

> Ken, do you have money to pay for his cryopreservation?
> You need to out ice on his head, and contact Alcor (CryoCare does not

Neither does Alcor (for good reasons). Too many legal problems and too much of a financial risk.

> take last minute patients).
> Try ACS or TransTime.

Cryonics Institute ( might be a better idea in this case. It's much cheaper and (probably) the most likely to accept such a case (though I wouldn't count on it). Also, I've heard that ACS ( stores brains for about $ 15,000. Otherwise, you may attempt dry ice storage for example, or buying an ultra-low temperature freezer or even a LN2 storage set (one container for storing the LN2 and one for the patient, connected by a transfer system. Sometimes such sets can be leased from LN2 suppliers).