Nucleus Accumbens Transplant

my inner geek (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 18:55:33 +0800

Could the Nucleus Accumbens be transplanted from an old man, to his cryonically suspended twin?

For example, my uncle, Mark Howard Riegel, is now 54 years old. He is very sick at this moment. He's fought several bouts of severe opression, and become very heavy. Now he has a serious case of heart disease.

If he had been cloned, or if his zygote had been pulled into several cell clusters, and some of them had been cryonically suspended (prior to his placement into my grandmother, Melva's, uterus), would there be hope for Mark's "reincarnation", by placing his "experiened" quantum interfaced nucleus accumbens into one of his twins?

For example, he's born in 1944, but his anencephalic identical twin is born born in 1971, and kept on life support to this date. If Mark dies sometime this week, could Mark be brought back as a 27 year old? Physically, he'd appear to be at half life, but emotionally and intellectually, he'd have his full life's experience, right?