Re: Gender and Cognitive Style

Natasha Vita-More (
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 15:32:01 -0600

At 01:52 PM 11/28/98 -0800, J.R. wrote:

>Do studies evidence that more and more males fail at math and science?

Good question. No. This was not the intent of the article.

>What ulterior agendas do some researchers reveal by initiating tax-funded
>studies about de-genderizing knowledge?

I think it is more a matter of bringing to the public, especially parents, a positive view of how math and science have become more widely appreciated in the school system by all students. I don't think it is a matter of wasting money needlessly or pitting one gender against the other.

Nor do I think it was to enlighten business community strategists that the horizon is wearing a skirt and that the Stock Market just might begin referring to the Cow.