"Revolution" Party Politics - R.U. Sirius for President

Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 09:29:26 -0600

R.U. Sirius, writer for such magazines as Mondo 2000, 21 C, and Wired has developed a platform for running for president. R.U. is a good friend to many of us and has a wonderful sense of humor and flare. Although his political interests are surely tongue-in-cheek, the Web site is a lot of fun.

"The Revolution is a new political party that aims to be the voice of the
non-voter, the alienated, the visionaries, the rabble, and the Internet. Combining left and libertarian politics with a kind of post-political futurism and the love of a good laugh, The Revolution® intends to bring all the subcultural tribes together to wrest control of worldwide political systems from the drug warriors, the cultural ayatollahs, and the various corporate mega-destructo gangs, ranging from the military-industrial complex to the HMOs ad infinitum."


"In 1993, Sirius split from Mondo 2000. Since then, he's contributed his
increasingly acerbic scribblings to publications ranging from ARTFORUM International to Wired to Esquire Japan. In 1994, he recorded an unreleased album called IOU Babe for Trent Reznor's Nothing Records with his conceptual-art rock band MV Inc. (formerly called Mondo Vanilli). He has also co-authored two books with St. Jude, Cyberpunk Handbook: the Real Cyberpunk Fakebook (Random House), and How to Mutate and Take Over the World (Ballantine)."

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