Closing Comments on the Death Penalty vs Extropianism.

Paul Hughes (
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 18:19:38 -0800

Brian D Williams wrote:

> Since you are so opposed to the death penalty, I suggest you add a
> clause to your living will stating in the event of your horrible
> murder, you do not wish the killer to receive the death penalty.
> If a member of the jury, I would honor your request.

Although this thread was interesting while its lasted, I am *not* necessarily opposed to the death penalty. However, I think the death penalty is not extropian as the title of this thread was asking. My personal feelings regarding the death penalty and whether it is extropian or not, are two separate issues.

Like you, there are times in my humanness that I want to see someone die for the cruelties they have inflicted on others. But as an extropian, I am constantly striving to transcend that humanness and all its emotional (and sometimes savage) baggage that goes along with it. IMHO, if we are to truly reach a transhumanist society, the death penalty and all other forms of killing will have to go.

Very Best Regards,

Paul Hughes