Re: the L-word again

tsoon (
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 22:51:10 +1100

>So we have a libertarian party...right. By BECOMING a party or member
>thereof...all the values and properties that describe an individual as
>to a "team player" are lost. Possibly if you take a wolf and domesticate
>he becomes a dog? According to current thought to fight them you have to
>become them...and thus we are lost.Having lost all differentiation from
>whom we oppose.

Nonetheless I think there is a role for a libertarian party. If you go to the back of 'Free to Choose' where the Friedmans reproduce the platform of the US Socialist party, you see that most of it has been implemented. The Socialist party won the ideological battle without ever getting elected. The role of a libertarian party is similar. It should be principled but reasoned. Its aim is not to win for the sake of winning but simply to give more public exposure to its ideas. Politics is just one other platform.

Jason Soon