Re: Is the death penalty extropian?

Emmanuel Charpentier (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 23:36:27 +0000

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: "maxm" <>
> >The victim is death and does not care ;-)
> This is the part I protest against, everyone keeps writing off the
> victim, "Oh well, a potential immortal was murdered, nothing we can
> do...." Then people go to great lengths to argue why we should save
> the murderer.
> >>I postulate that the death penalty is the only just solution for
> >>the unlawful and malicious nonrecoverable termination of a fellow
> >>human being.
> >I don't see how you can call it a solution. What problem does it
> >solve?
> Bad choice of word, replace "solution" with "punishment."

To me, justice is about lessening violence, not eye for eye. As dickola says:
> What civil order requires is protection, and restitution where possible,
> not revenge.

So whenever possible, there is no need for violence applied by the community. And what about violence 'shown' to society: what an abomination than to wish for public execution! Would you have your kids watch, or even see in person, a public execution??? A torture??? Maybe you should make sure the kids themselves put the hood on??? (I expect the torturer would wear a hood, red as blood!?)

Trying to sidestep the problem (I'm so lazy, I do it all the time), I feel it lies into wether you think punishment is a method of learning, or not. Should you punish a kid when he makes a mistake or a wrongness (?)? Should you scare people of what might happen to them if <fill in with what you think is fit>? I don't know, any opinion?

In china, they kill people by the hundred! One friend of mine, chinese, explained to me that there is just no such worry as human rights. And in fact, there are so many people, why care? they seem to kill stealers!? So why not eradicate all unlawfull persons?

One post of this thread unsettles me (who was the poster? Can't remember), explaining that if we get immortals, then locking up a very and repeatedly dangerous person is not really a solution. Exile either. Death is, rewiring is, I go for rewiring, as max says, we all rewire somehow everyday. But even that might prove unsuccessful (who knows if some behavior might be unchangeable?), and every person should be left some choice as to that, then there is death as a security for the future...

CU. Manu.

in france there is no death penalty, and the maximum time of
imprisonment is 20 years, enough I reckon, for breaking one's life, and
enough (I suppose) to give the prisoner something to wait for.