Re: digitizing private media

my inner geek (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 13:41:11 +0800

christophe delriviere <>:
> Of course i would like to have a small personal assistant with GSM
> capabilities connected permanently to the Internet and with the
> bandwidth needed to be able to receive high quality music, HDTV, film on
> demand, mails, Internet, books, video games, windows98 compatible/ java
> (or another system), with an interface somewhat like the glasstron of
> sony, with 3d capabilities, enhanced reality, capability to analyze the
> environment and a huge working memory. If i can interface it directly
> into my brain, i will be even more happy ;)

OK. Everything but windows98. Gates was just a CIA-droid who's life and company were put together for "end-of-the-millenium" theatrical purposes, and for slush fund purposes. Unix is the only O.S. (See AT&T/Lockheed/MKUltra). He was scheduled to be publicly dismembered and tortured in a pagan antitrust ritual, but that may not be necessary at this point.