Re: Famous thinkers and their IQs

Mike Linksvayer (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 18:06:34 -0800

Hal Finney wrote:
> Years ago I saw a list of estimated IQs of various historical figures,
> mostly 20th-century, I think. James Joyce was at the top, with an
> estimated IQ of 200.

I've seen such lists from time to time. If I recall correcly, Goethe tops the lists I've seen with 200+. I did a quick search for pages mentioning Goethe, Einstein and IQ and found "Estimated IQs of the greatest geniuses" at <>.

I'm reminded of these lists whenever I realize that a person I'm dealing with (presumably of average intelligence) just doesn't get something in the way I do with a measly ~140 IQ. I wonder about things that I just don't get that someone with a 180 IQ could. I'm not fixated on IQ by a long shot, but I am quite sure that I am missing out -- and so is someone with a 180 IQ, just to a slightly lesser extent. I want a Jupiter brain so I can think wonderful, beautiful, amazing thoughts. I don't want to colonize the universe, I just want an intellectual high.

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