AOL/Sun/Netscape (was Rationale: No New OS)

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Tue, 24 Nov 1998 02:18:43 +0800 (Dan Clemmensen):
> my inner geek wrote:
> > Would it be possible to have a large supercomputer made up of such
> > nodes, such that the same devices could also be a wireless
> > telecommunications infrastructure, at the same time as being a
> > distributed computing system?
> >
> > You could make it such that you mass produce the boxes (with
> > superscalar RAM), to achieve the lowest possible per unit cost.
> >
> The comms component will cost a good deal more than the rest of the
> computer to achieve perhaps 2Mbps connectivity. Cheaper to spend
> about ten bucks per computer for 100baseT ethernet.


Jason Abboud is a cool guy. Very down to earth. He needs help, though, creating a strong demand for the product, since he wants to achieve excellent economies of scale, to keep costs down.

Maybe we could get him hooked up with Prof. Frank Dietz.


Maybe we could get these *wireless* devices down to the $50/box prices that your 100base-T Ethernet cards are going for today, to produce a Linux-based parallel supercomputer that can house the CRIT ( frame-level HDTV annotation database and wavelet HDTV frame proxies. (Maybe Larry Ellison will help with a shareware parallel version of Oracle? It's all a game to these guys, right? Set the ego's aside: Bill slips Ted a couple B's to slip to Larry?)

Before you know it, we're all happy hempers!!

P.S. I talked to a guy today who's gone through a vasectomy. He said they give you a local anesthetic, do you don't feel a thing. A little aching for about a day, but they give you some good drugs to keep you distracted. After that, you still shoot your loads just like before, it's just that they're seedless. Maybe we can use door to door, office to office stealth, offering FREE GPS CELLPHONES with Vasectomies-Retirement Included!! Why waste $20,000 on Detroit steel, when you can build a steel framed house for the same price? As for money for mingling with the 20th century tax-paying slaves, I maintain that special series U.S. $20's are much less conspicous than food coupons (See

Haven't the USPTO and FTC really served their citizens well?

If there's any product in the world who's sale should be prevented, it's this one: