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>> if the atoms in a blade of grass are are organized in the same way then both are green
>> but there is only one green.

>Randall Randall <>
>"[O]ne green"? I don't know that that makes any sense.
>I think that it is a little sloppy to use green as a noun,

I don't believe I did, I just said there is only one form of green. It's not literally true of course because you could nit pick about shades of green but the statement made sense. There is certainly only one type of the integer 2, so there is only one 2.

>that leads one to believe that it exists as something distinct
> from the object which is green.

At the moment I have an image in my mind of a green dragon, where is the associated green object?

>are you saying that "John Clark" is an adjective (property of matter)?


>The point seems to be not whether you can be replaced

Seems like a very important point to me.

>but whether this iteration of you ends.

I don't know what you mean by "this iteration of you ends". Do you mean when consciousness is interrupted? It happens every time you go to sleep, or even when the phone rings when you're deep in thought.
Do you mean when your body is made of new atoms? Billions of new atoms are incorporated into your body every second of your life and one hydrogen atom is as good as another anyway.

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