Re: Identity

Void where inhibited (
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 19:16:48 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, John Clark wrote:

> Randall Randall <> Wrote:
> >>Me:
> >> things are made of atoms and atoms have no individuality, if they can't even
> >> give this interesting property to themselves how can they give it to me?
> ><> wrote
> >In the same way that they can give greenness, or consciousness,
> >though atoms have neither property themselves.

Whoa. I didn't say either of these.

> if the atoms in a blade of grass are are organized in the same way then both are green
> but there is only one green . If another bunch of atoms were organized in a Johnclarkish way
> it would be John Clark but there is only one John Clark.

Can you prove that the Green exists? (I won't even BOTHER trying to get you to prove that the John Clark exists.) What is the Green, exactly? If it didn't exist, how would we know?

Like I say, I don't think the Green exists, and neither does the John Clark you describe. I think you exist, but you seem to have a habit of defining yourself in terms of things that don't exist.