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John Clark wrote:

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> >If I appear in a room with an identical of me in a perfectly symmetrical room in a
> >perfectly symmetrical situation, what can I do to label myself as different?
> Different from what? There may be two bodies but there is only one mind, one you,
> in the room.
> >how long will I stay in parallel when are minds are no longer connected as one.
> Nobody knows. Somebody suggested that random quantum fluctuations would be
> enough to make them instantly diverge but if things were really that delicate nobody
> would have a stable personality, but they do. Besides the human brain is a hot noisy
> place, I don't see how quantum effects could play much of a part in its operation. I don't
> know how long they would stay in parallel, I would guess a few minutes,
> perhaps a few hours.

Thanks To all that responded, it helped, but Let me illustrate the situation a little better.

What I am looking for is a scenario were by you could force divergence without outside influence. Thus it is solely a self agreement. The Goal of this experiment is to get both of you and you to agree on different identities. Example once their was John and John now their is John and James. Can it be done? How would you do it?

              I think their are interesting novelties to this situation.
              I created this scenario to help me deal with the concept of uploading and

identity is something that is vary important to me, but I have come to realizes that I die everyday. I forget who I was yesterday. I am some one different today.

I wish I could convince a Judge of that... hmmmmm. "It wasn't me your honor it was that guy yesterday." It is interesting to start thinking about yourself as the product of the person before.