Re: Gender and Cognitive Style

Scott Badger (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:16:58 -0600

>> From: Joe E. Dees <>
>> > IMHO, there's only one really significant psychological gender
>> > namely "assertiveness". Due to evolutionary circumstance women are
>> > *generally* less aggressive and individualistic than men. That's why
>> > are treated as second rate citizens in virtually every country of the
>> > Assuming that this theory is correct, hormone treatments for all female
>> > fetuses and (later on) genetic engineering should pretty much solve the
>> > problem. The potential is there, it just needs to be seized. Once
>> > technology is the equalizer.
>> >
>> Maybe it's not the women who need treatment, but us guys! Joe
>I guess we could all use some treatment... ;-)

The desired state is called Androgynous...integrating the desirable stereotypic attributes of males (the tendency to be asssertive) and the desirable stereotypic attributes of females (the tendency to be affiliative). Androgynous individuals are transhumanistic in the sense that they transcend the Masculine and Feminine stereotypes. In general, I would respond to this thread as follows: There may be some theoretical value in examing gender-specific differences in cognitive styles, but there is no significant practical value. In short, individual variance dwarfs gender variance. Let's move on.

Scott Badger