digitizing private media

Eugene Leitl (eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de)
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 01:28:36 +0100

A whole while ago we were talking about personal data/document management. This has become especially relevant to me since I've had to move a lot in the course of the last two years -- and resources I can't access are useless.

Albeit belatedly, I am happy to report to having begun destillation of my music CDs into mp3s. It's slow, and I can't batchify it yet, but it's a start. With 128 kBit, which is roughly CD quality one averages at about 1 MByte/min audio. On a 10 GByte disk you thus can store ~160 CDs or about 7 days of audio. With a laptop, or a wearable, you're even mobile.

Unfortunately, I haven't managed in creating a capability to scan personal books whether as bitmap or using OCR in time before my next move -- a lot of books will thus have go into storage, and probably not under ambient conditions :(

Has anybody experiences in converting treekiller literature into data, particularly under SANE/Linux? (I'm not a zealot, I have FineReader and NT as well, it it's of any use).

Is it doable, or a pipe dream?

How long do you take for a single book on the average?

Did you do straight bitmaps or went for the whole hog (OCR)?

What is your storage medium?

Retrieval method?

Migration strategy to future storage media?