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> This thread has been curious to read, as it is full of fact and falsity!
> And, begs for female defense which I shall not even consider!
> Joe E. Dees states: "Multiple connectionist schema within the
> cybernetic upload site might be required to accommodate the
> possibly distinct neural network patterns underlying these cognitively
> stylistic differences (verbal/aural vs. visual/spatial being the most
> documented and notable). Comment ca vu?"
> As I have posted so many times on this list and discussed until raw, there
> are many theories about the cognitive differences in the male and female.
> All I can know with certainty is what I experience first hand from
> communications with both genders and the different cognitive abilities
> expressed in relation to the environment and circumstances. In other
> words, when push comes to shove, the male and the female both use cognitive
> skills theoretical non-gender-distinct when the occasion arises. Both
> genders use theoretical non-gender-distinct cognitive skills when the need
> arises. And, for the more competitive males and females, the theoretical
> non-gender-distinct cognitive skills are used for advantage.
> Studies evidence that more and more females are excelling at mathematics
> and the sciences. Is this due to a gender cross-over, or social change?
> >From my experience (again my own experience is what gives me any crumbs of
> wisdom that I can claim), with a documentary-eye and brief experience
> teaching, females are given more encouragement and taking more opportunity.
> Timothy Bates gives excellent reference to studies after Damien's "What?
> *What????* WHAAAAH" serenade that I even found my self humming while
> reading along. Michael reveals with his own documentary-eye by discussing
> personality type and environmental situation and gender conditioning.
> (Skiing didn't come easy to me, as I fell down quite a bit and swore like a
> fishwife. However, after much practice, I became a skilled skier.)
> Ander's "No need for blue and pink uploading helmets" just might be the
> summation we are looking for when considering how radically our gender-mix
> will change our capability to think, and will no doubt change some
> culturally pre-destined assumptions about thinking.

I have a 90 minute vhs tape of an ABC special examining just these differences; unfortunately I lack the technology to post it. Joe
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