Re: FW: Immortality at last Ray Kurzweil's new book is a real stunner

Randy (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:08:40 GMT

On Sat, 21 Nov 1998 09:54:26 -0600, you wrote:

>As part of a recent psychological evaluation of an 11 year old girl, I asked
>her what she would say if she were given three wishes. I can only recall
>of the wishes off the top of my head:
>(1) I wish everyone in the world were atheists, and
>(2) I wish I were immortal.

When I was a 7th grade teacher in South Texas several years ago, I introduced the cryonics idea though reading/writing exercises. There were a few kids who thought they might go for the idea (maybe 5%).
Perhaps if an idea like the inevitability of death, and even that under many circumstances, death is right, runs around in the human brain for a long time, it becomes indelible. And so therefore the hard road that cryonics and tranhumanism must face.

>Hmmm, a transhumanist in the making. I did find out that her parents are
>atheists, but don't know about their views on life extension. Anyway,
>the first time I've ever heard a child say things like that.