Re: Imperative: A New OS

my inner geek (
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 21:07:04 +0800

Eugene Leitl <>:

> The infrastructure is all there. All you need are applications. What
> was your rationale for a yet another OS? Distributed nonlinear
> video?

Yes. Distributed HDTV wavelet compressed video, that accepts audio, video, and text annotations for anybody, anywhere. That's an application.

Here's what it will look like hanging on the wall in your living room.


Notice the space off to the side. That can be programmed to be colored identically to the paint on your wall, or can hold the icons for the various annotations. (See Of course, CRIT will need to be modified to refer to the underlying time code, and the database will be pretty damn huge, since the language of Hollywood will be the new post human "alien speak".

Back to the broadband radio router/proxies: Should these little black boxes filled with dsp's and ram be completely wireless, or should there be built in fiber ports? Their variable power radios should be able to adapt to cell densities ranging for 6" to 5 miles.