Re: FW: Immortality at last Ray Kurzweil's new book is a real stunner

Scott Badger (
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 09:54:26 -0600

Doug Baily:

>I've got three kids, one 5 years old, one 20 months old, and one 6 weeks
>(sleep is a commodity). Nathan, my 5 year old son, started attending a
>private school this year. Each student in his class had to present a "Me
>Board" which included information about the student's family, interests,
>future plans. My wife and I constantly discuss topics related to
>transhumanism in front of the children. In addition, we've got books
>scattered all about the house. Nathan periodically picks up a book that has
>a visually interesting cover and asks what its about. I try to give him an
>adequate summary of the books ideas. Anyway, he and I were putting his "Me
>Board" together and I asked him about his future plans. One of his future
>plans was to be immortal. One of his other future plans was to be uploaded
>into our computer at home so that he could think faster about what other
>future plans he might have. Unfortunately, I was out of town the day he
>presented his "Me Board" so I was not able to see the reaction of his
>classmates and teacher at his pronouncements.

As part of a recent psychological evaluation of an 11 year old girl, I asked her what she would say if she were given three wishes. I can only recall two
of the wishes off the top of my head:

(1) I wish everyone in the world were atheists, and (2) I wish I were immortal.

Hmmm, a transhumanist in the making. I did find out that her parents are atheists, but don't know about their views on life extension. Anyway, that's
the first time I've ever heard a child say things like that.