Imperative: A New OS

my inner geek (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 21:37:29 +0800

We need to create a new OS. We need to do it as an open source internet project. We can base it on Unix, or use some other OS, looking to Thinking Machines, Cray, or some other parallel distributed system for a model to learn from.

The problem is simple: We're going to need to be able to program this massive supercomputer called "The Internet". The broadband infrastructure to support distributed nonlinear video requires this.

We should assume that each computing node has massively parallel DSP chips and gigabytes (even terabytes) of local ram. It would be a good idea to keep in mind that additional nodes will be added as soon as they roll off the production line. Plan for nodes with faster processors and ram to be added as quickly as they can be manufactured and added to the network.

Now what do we do? Today is a good time to start, as these items will be the infrastructure necessary to keep the masses entertained, and scientists and engineers educated and productive.

It's probably best to think of money as being less of an object than human capital and time availability. I think it would be wise *not* to assume that will be a commercial OS.

Let's go home and make, and watch movies. This foolish competition has reached the point of diminishing returns. We can implement a price freeze and use funny money if necessary. There's plenty of food to go around (see Let's go home, watch movies, surf a broadband net with voice recognition, grow vegetables in the backyard (see, and think up ways to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.