Re: An Argument Against Privacy was: Openness.

my inner geek (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 22:19:09 +0800 (Patrick Wilken):
> I wonder if you could get around poor resolution of any one gnat by
> combining signals from array of them (a la radio astronomy). The downside
> is you'd probably need a swarm of them for the idea to work; still its a
> neat idea even if probably unworkable.

Why not use MEMS scanning mirrors with a single pixel photodetector?

(Sort of the reverse of a laser beam scanner, on a very small scale.)

Or, rather than a gnatbot, use a mite-bot, that laches onto the eyelashes of the enemy's weapons designers, and sees everything they see (even if in an HMD). Maybe they can bore into the eyeballs and set-up a small area on the blind spot (optic disc).


>From there, maybe crawl back along the optic nerve into the brain,
and start rewiring things. Hook up some some detector and stimulator networks in Broca's and Wernicke's areas. This should enable signal intercepts within the individuals cognition process, as well as enable modification of their interpersonal semantic exchanges.


When they start hearing things and speaking for their puppetmasters, they'll likely just keep it to themselves, because it's most likely that they'd come off looking crazy to anyone they complained to.