Re: gender apartheid and transhumanists

Patrick Wilken (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 11:31:32 +1100

>> I don't see anything wrong with companies trying to maximize profit. Why
>> would people expect anything else? If you believe that all people should be
>> entitled to equal medical coverage you should look to governments not
>> corporations. Then of course healthier people have to put up with
>> supporting the less healthy. This is particularly irritating when my tax
>> dollars support those who smoke, eat lots of fat, and take really stupid
>> risks (such as driving without a seat belt or consuming drugs while
>> driving).
>Tell me, how in the hell does your tax money subsidize my not wearing a seat
>belt? If you are talking about medicare support for the disabled, its your own
>fault for choosing to live in a political unit which has such an insurance
>system which you must pay into and is full of people who are not anal retentive
>wenies like yourself. If you don't like it go found the Anal Retentive Republic
>and set things up as you like them. I certainly don't want my tax dollars
>supporting your neuroses about other people's behavior, or the fascist state
>you want to turn our country into to force everyone to act the way you want
>them to.

Mike what is the problem?

I didn't say anything to suggest I wanted you to wear a seatbelt. I know this might be a big leap but not all people are US citizens. Some of us live in different countries with different laws. In Australia we have universal medical coverage paid for by tax. So I pay everytime someone does something stupid to their health. Maybe you should learn to think before pressing those keys. I never said I wanted laws for seatbelts. If you are going to reply to my messages try to read them first. All I said was I didn't want a law forcing me to pay for other people's decisions. How does that make me a fascist? A word I doubt you even understand: I bet you think its a naughty word like 'arsehole' that you know you're not meant to say and ironically just don't grasp.


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