Re: Personality Types: J's vs. P's. was :final results of extropians reporting myers briggs survey.

Timothy Bates (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 18:09:35 +1100

>Actually, if extrpopians/transhumanists were really interested
>in developing a group profile, they should consider going
>beyond a very simple inventory like the MBTI (generally
>ill-favored in the psychological literature).

If you like, we could use the NEO PI-R. It is copyright and not free but is a very good questionnaire assesment of personality.

I there is widespread interest (say 100+ people), I will create an online database, pay for the test uses, and collate the data. All results will remain your property.

In exchange I would like permission to use the summary data in my research.

If you think this is a useful project click this link


no content needed, just an indicative vote. I have the facility here to support various online experimental stuff so it could be fun.


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