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Tet Far Jason Soon (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:34:17 +1100 (EST)

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Kathryn Aegis wrote:

> I find this thread fun, but it seems to me that sweeping conclusions are
> being made on very little data. I seriously doubt that most extropians
> are first-born, nor that any one particular Kiersey temperament sort is
> drawn to transhumanist memes. If anything, I expected to find the more
> adventurous minds drawn to it, rather than the more rational.

Hey, are you saying transhumanism isn't rational? I wouldn't be on this list if I didn't think it was.
Think about it, though, NT (the Rational type) was a foregone conclusion. All we've done is confirm what a priori thinking would tell you ( as an INTP I trust my a priori thinking a lot <g>).Barring the exceptions on this list, is someone scoring a high S going to take a field much inspired by computer science as seriously as someone with a high N? (In other words, what you call 'adventurousness' isn't mutually exclusive with rationality (high T) - it corresponds to a high N score).

And how would
someone with a high F as opposed to a high T react to the thought that his treasured 'feelings' could be reduced to a computer program? The reductionist element in extropianism is going to turn off high F types (the types who get outraged at cloning because they think it violates the 'sanctity' of life and so on). The high S types will get turned off by the amount of speculativeness in extropianism.

Jason Soon

> sample size is dreadfully small considering the full data set, not to
> mention the new groups of people that will be attracted to this in the
> next few years. I also see a slant due to the fact that you are
> conducting the research on an internet list that has gone through
> several membership fluctuations and that probably does not fully
> represent the membership of ExI at this time.
> Kathryn Aegis