Re: BANDWIDTH: Take back the spectrum!

my inner geek (
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 10:06:10 +0800


The FCC has so screwed up HDTV and digital broadcast concept, that it's time for private management of the spectrum. Who the hell needs BROADCAST HDTV?? That's an oxymoron! Broadcast itself it an extinct concept, ready to be phased out with digital steaming web content!

Oh yeah, about the SVGA monitor, isn't that an HDTV?

And those HDTV standards? Why not a 2:1 aspect ratio, with square pixels, rather than 16:9. Nothing wrong with a little black space on the left and right of the letterbox, instead of on the top and bottom.

Maybe a 1600x800 (or 2048x1024) computer monitor or low-cost HMD?


I pray for a 32 or 64-bit multiprocessor Linux kernel based on Michael Lorrey's parallel DSP computers. And for a nice Wavelet codec that's based on open standards. We can even ask SONY or Panasonic to mass produce "The Digital WalkMan", a receive only cellphone that plays streaming media over the wireless web.