Personality types survey from ~3 yrs ago.

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>Subject: How many ENTP here?
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>>From 16 responses I have 7 first born and 7 not, 7 E vs. 6 I, and 9 P
>vs 4 J, and all NT. So extropians seem to be first born XNTP, with P
>and first born weaker tendencies.
>Reading the desriptions of ENTP, INTP, and first borns, it makes sense
>to me that these would be the people most attracted to an
>individualistic gungho inyourface optimistic group which, if the truth
>be told, pretty much accepts the dominant scientific theory in most
This doesn't make us any less right, but it does help to
>understand why so many don't find us so obviously right.
>The personality pages I pointed to give stats on online takers of the
>test, and XNTP is definitely a small minority. I'm not sure what's
>bugging Marvin (he just dumped on Lee without noticing Lee agrees with
>him), but I would suggest that people submit further data privately.
>Robin Hanson

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