christophe delriviere (
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 22:46:00 +0100

you wrote:

> Yes.
> > How many?
> Maybe there is only one on the highest level (a "singleton"), but
> that being might simulate or contain vast numbers of minds, and it
> might be difficult to individuate some of these minds.
> > In what form?
> I imagine most of the matter and energy under control is either made
> into computronium -- optimized computational structures -- or into
> probes that are sent out to bring even more energy and matter under
> intelligent control.

probably this singleton is already here, represented by the complete borganisation of the human-electronics systems... he is just simply evolving gradually to higher degree of complexity, conscience. ...well that is not the purpose of my mail ;)...

you used the term "computronium" for optimized computational matters, i find it a nice one... did you coined it or does it appear in some book or sci-fi litterature, culture ?