Re: final results of extropians reporting myers briggs

Anders Sandberg (
16 Nov 1998 18:08:22 +0100

Spike Jones <> writes:

> ok, heres the final tally of the informal mb poll. twenty reported results:
> intp: 5.5
> intj: 6
> entp: 2.5
> entj: 3
> istj: 2
> enfj: 0.5
> esfj: 0.5
> all others, nada. i counted a liner as half for each category. this is an
> interesting result, considering the nt quadrant (rational) is the least
> common and yet reporting extropians were 85% in that region.

The result looks fairly robust, even with the small sample. Maybe something for someone to write a paper about? "Personality Traits Predisposing for Transhumanism"

>bad news my friends: we are weird. {8^D spike

Bad? Normal people are so *boring* :-)

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