Re: DIPLOMACY: Memetic Morphing

Max M (
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 08:59:09 +0100

From: Patrick Wilken <>

> I once thought about doing a study on
>effect of television violence on children, but gave up for the same
>reasons: most children watch television violence, the backgrounds of those
>who don't are too exceptional use as a comparison.

Well I have also thought about this.

If TV is a really great source of violence, then the natives of Rwanda must really have been watching a LOT of TV before they went out with machettes and killed several hundred thousands of their fellow citisens with machettes.

I do believe there is is latent violence in most societies, and naturally TV is a source of inspiration for a few individuals, but generally I think that together with other media it can have a leveling effect. Exposing the biggest problems in society so that it is possible to act upon them before they becomes reason of massviolence.

Thus you can argue that TV is a source of less violence.

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