Re: DIPLOMACY: Memetic Morphing

Spike Jones (
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 09:43:16 -0800

> > cant block harmful information from his two daughters (5 and 7) with the
> > cursed box in his house, so no tv. no radio either. i dont know

> Eugene Leitl wrote:
> As a matter of fact, the man might be doing a smart thing. Though
> lacking formal investigation, anecdotal evidence does seem to suggest
> that watching TV for long hours does erode basic mental capabilities,
> and prevents their formation in children, particularly young ones.

i notice no one in the family has offer the slightest criticism of the technique. these are the only two kids in the family, both sides, cosequently, they have a huge number of aunts and uncles grandparents and even great randparents. over the years, toys have become muuuch cheaper than they were when we were that age, specifically big molded plastic thingies. consequently my brother in law is struggling with how to teach kids they need to work for things, when they are being buried in toys, more than can will even fit in their rooms. extropians take note of a nanotech future, when things are too cheap to sell because they are so easy to make... spike