MEDIA: media archive

Kathryn Aegis (
Sat, 14 Nov 1998 20:18:20 -0800 (PST)

Your friends at TMAN have decided to establish an archive of media appearances by transhumanists, for future reference and research use. I'm going to be the point person for gathering materials (OK, I admit, I just want to read all of this wonderful stuff....) Then we will figure out the best method of making them available. At the very least, a bibliography could be put on a web site.

If you have a print interview, taped copy of a television appearance, recorded copy of a radio appearance, or essay published in a mass-market magazine/webzine that you would like included in this, please mail them to:

        Kathryn Aegis
        PO Box 57372
        Washington, DC  20037-7372

PLEASE do not send your only original copy! I take no responsibility for fire, attacks by killer bees or other acts of nature.